We offer different levels of Pole classes :-

Classes are suitable for ALL ages and ALL fitness levels as they offer alternative options to suit each individual’s abilities. Anyone under the age of 18 must have written consent from a parent.

Classes are paid a week in advance and non refundable without 48 hours notice of cancellation. 

(FAQs at bottom of page)

Beginner level

This is the perfect class to learn the basics of pole fitness such as spins, basic moves and transitions, climbs and holds, strength conditioning and stretching techniques. Taught in a supportive and friendly environment, this class requires no previous fitness or dance training.

Intermediate 1&2 level

Now you get to have fun with inversions, building on your strength with new and challenging moves, transitions and learning ways of combining your moves together. This exciting level will get you hooked on Pole Fitness.

Intermediate 3 & Advanced Level

Now that you have reached our advanced level of training you will have gained strength, flexibility and safety skills necessary to take on the moves in this level. You will work harder than ever before and realise just what your body is capable of doing throughout this level. Patience is everything when it comes to our Advanced level, and the new tricks you will learn are never ending.



POLE really is for EVERYONE, any age and any level of fitness, so depending on what you’re looking for, you can either have fun learning dance routines, learn every possible trick and spin in the industry at your own pace or simply use the pole to build muscle and condition your whole body in a fitness style workout.

Our instructors are some of the best Polers in Scotland, Britain, even Europe and have the Trophies/Medals/Awards to prove it. They will introduce you to the exciting world of Pole in a fun, friendly, relaxed environment. They will help you learn at your own pace gradually helping you increase your strength, flexibility and confidence.

Pole Fitness is an excellent way to build strength in your body, the nature of Pole Fitness (working with your own body weight) ensures that you build lean muscle without the bulk that can be associated with using weights.  You DO NOT need to be flexible to do Pole Fitness, your body will naturally and safely become more flexible as you progress.



Am I too old for starting pole fitness?  No no no no, you are never too old to start pole, there is no upper age limit for our Pole classes.  (under 18's must have parental consent).

What will I wear?  Gym wear, joggys, leggings, shorts, vest, t-shirt, bare legs are better for gripping the pole but the main thing is that you feel comfortable. You can wear trainers or go with bare feet but if you prefer to wear trainers please make sure they are indoor trainers. (For Pole Conditioning Class wear indoor trainers).

Can I use body moisturiser before a class? No, please do not moisturise 12 hours before a class, you will make the poles slippery and find it very hard to do any moves.

Am I too heavy to Pole? No, people often tell me they will need to lose weight before coming to a pole class, this is not the case, anyone can come to a class, if you are concerned by your weight then please get in touch and we will discuss this with you.

How many people to a Pole? There will never be more than 2 people to a pole.

Im quite shy, is this for me? If you love the thought of a fun workout and you love dancing then come along, you’ve nothing to lose, you will feel so welcomed by all our instructors and Pole really does bring out confidence in people. You will meet new people and possibly some new great friends too.